Blastcor® BM I-30


Injektorstrahlgerät Blastcor_BM_I-30
30 Ltr.
bis zu 6 m2/h
3-6 bar
  • Behältervolumen, Ltr.
  • Strahlleistung, m2/h
    bis zu 6
  • Arbeitsdruck, bar
  • Druckluftverbrauch, m3/min
  • Gewicht, kg
  • Abmessungen, mm
  • Lieferzeit
    drei Wochen

•Vorratsbunker 30 L

•Sieb, Deckel



•Strahlmittelförderschlauch ∅ 19 mm – 3 m.

•Druckluftschlauch, Polyurethan ∅ 12 mm – 3 m.

  • •Injektorstrahlpistole Typ SGI mit Borcarbid-Strahldüse



Used for soft, delicate works in order to remove burrs, as well as for smoothing roughness, polishing, removal of scale, rust, old paint, and for the treatment of non-metal surfaces. A distinctive feature of the blast machine is small consumption of compressed air. Stable operation without ripples is achieved in the presence of compressed air in a volume of 0,8 m3/min at a pressure of 5,07-8,11 bar.


It is mobile and easy to operate. It is widely used in car workshops, restoration workshops, in the production of joinery and glassware.


Supplied with Sandsturm® multipurpose abrasive metering valves, which allow working with any common abrasives 0.2 to 1.6 mm grade: cast-iron and steel shot and grit, marble and granite chips, glass beads, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, alundum, copper and nickel slag and other kinds of media fabricated specially for blasting.

It comes fully stocked and ready for use. It is must be connected to a source of compressed air to start working.


  • Injection device “iD”
    Injection device “iD”

    Equipped with a special injection device “iD”, which  is designed for receiving abrasive material and adjusting underpressure, which is used for the abrasive material to be fed into the suction gun through a hose.

  • Conical bottom 90°
    Conical bottom 90°

    A conical bottom has an angle of 90° providing the best discharge of abrasive material from the walls of the blast machine and prevents the absorption of moisture on the walls of the tank.

  • Perforated sieve
    Perforated sieve

    The sieve is located inside that reduces the overall height of the blast machine and makes it easier to load it with abrasive. A thick perforated metal sheet with openings of 4 mm is used as a sieve. A perforated sieve is more effective for screening abrasive material than a sieve made of wire mesh. It protects the blast machine from particles more than 4 mm diameter and different types of debris that prevent uninterrupted operation of the equipment. To protect the device, they use a lightweight metal edge-raised cover, the edges of which hang over the walls of the setting and prevents the passage of moisture into the machine.

  • SGI injection gun
    SGI injection gun
    • abrasive feed onto the surface with a focused jet of abrasive-air mixture for fast and high-quality processing of products.
    • an ergonomic handle allows the operator to make his work in any position without significant physical efforts.
    • abrasive blast nozzles made of boron carbide and air nozzles of different diameters allow to work at maximum performance, cleaning the products up to SA 3 class.
  • Pressure regulator and manometer
    Pressure regulator and manometer

    For tuning and watching of pressure.


•Alle Druckstrahlgebläse Blastcor - BM sind auf Entsprechung den Technischen Vorschriften der Zollunion (Russische Föderation, Weißrußland, Kazahstan) zertifiziert. Deklaration-Nr. RU D-RU.АВ45.В.36364

•CE geprüft

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