für Kleinpartikel- und Staubabscheidung

200 Ltr.
  • Behältervolumen, Ltr.
  • Abmessungen, mm
  • Durchmesser, mm
  • Lieferzeit
    2 Wochen
  • Abscheider mit Standkonsole
  • Satz der Schnellkupplungen Cam Lock

Recovery system of abrasive media (separator) is designed for removing  dust from vacuum systems Blastcor® VAC (industrial, construction vacuum cleaners) that significantly extends the durability of the filter elements. It is used in combination with vacuum systems, industrial, construction vacuum cleaners.

Dusty air is fed into the recovery system abrasive media (cyclone) through the suction hose, wherein the dusty  air is cleaned from large dust particles and impurities by the centrifugal forces. The recovery system abrasive media (cyclone)  has no replaceable filter elements, moving parts and does not consume electricity. A butterfly valve is installed at the it‘s cone bottom. After the end of the cycle of work, it is necessary to turn the handle of the valve and remove the dirt, accumulated in the conical receiver.

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