für Anbau auf das Druckstrahlgebläse

180 Ltr.
  • Behältervolumen, Ltr.
  • Abmessungen, mm
  • Durchmesser, mm
  • Lieferzeit
    2 Wochen
  • Strahlmittelabscheider
  • Kupplungen
  • Dichtungen

High-efficiency abrasive separator is designed for cleaning (recuperation) of abrasive material from dust and foreign substances, for further loading into a blast machine. It is used in pair with vacuum systems.

As standard recovery system of abrasive media is 620 mm. ⌀, designed for mounting on the blast machine with 200 l. tank capacity. According to the technical requirements, it is possible to produce a separator of any diameter for mounting on blast machines of different volumes. Recovery system of abrasive media can be mounted on a pressure blasting machine from any manufacturer.

Recuperator is installed on the blasting machine. The abrasive material is moved through the suction hose into the separator, in which the abrasive is separated into fractions. When passing through the perforated sieve, usable abrasive is moved into the loading cup of the blast machine. Thus, large particles that do not pass through the sieve are collected in the catcher, and fine and dust particles are moved to the dust collector through the suction hose. Sealing of the abrasive separator and blast machine is achieved with gaskets and latches.

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