Strahlmitteldosierventil SANDSTURM®

mit Handrad, für alle Strahlmittelsorten

Strahlmittel-Dosierventil SANDSTURM®
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Präzise Einstellung der Strahlmittelzufuhr unabhängig von Partikelgröße und Strahlmittelart.



  • Precise adjustment of abrasive material feed regardless of its fraction and composition, from glass beads of a few microns diameter to cut iron shot, granite or garnet of up to 4 mm diameter
  • Screw pair with a progressive screw for faster and more accurate adjustment of the dispensing of the volume of supplied abrasive
  • Rubber or polyurethane tube (Ø28 mm) in abrasive supply lines for precise supply rate adjustment of any abrasive used. Protection with tube ensures over 12 months of fault-free operation of abrasive metering valve
  • Enlarged bore size for higher abrasive supply rate in mixing chamber, providing higher performance with  high compressed air supply rate
  • Pneumatic control of abrasive metering valve positioning saves up to 40% of abrasive media due to complete air supply overlap and gives operator capability to perform air blow-off and abrasive particles removal from hard-to-reach places, saves up to 30% of diesel fuel if diesel powered air compressor used
  • The design of the dispenser allows you to enter abrasive material into the mixing chamber at an angle of 45˚ to achieve maximum performance when using different abrasives

The operator uses the abrasive metering valve SANDSTURM® for the replacement of abrasive metering valve FSV which has low productivity and restrictions on the using of heavy abrasive.  The powerful iron body of SANDSTURM® metering valve can withstand the most severe operating conditions.

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